Package org.proteinshader.gui.components.menubar

Holds the JMenus used in menu bar above the canvas.


Class Summary
AboutBox A simple dialog box that displays a title, an image (PNG, GIG, or JPEG), and a close button.
BackgroundMenu Provides the 'Background' menu of the MainMenuBar, which allows the user to change the background color of the canvas.
FileMenu Provides the File menu for the MainMenuBar.
HelpMenu Provides an "About" box and help for using the ProteinShader program.
MainMenuBar Provides the menu bar to place at the top of the ProteinShader programs's main GUI window.
OrientationMenu Provides the Orientation menu for the MainMenuBar.
StyleMenu Provides a menu for selecting the style to use when displaying a structure: Cartoon (Tubes or Ribbons) or Atom (Space Filling, Balls-andSticks, or Sticks).
ToolsMenu Provides the Tools menu for the MainMenuBar, which can be used to open and close the control panel on the right side of the GUI.
VisibilityMenu Provides the Vi menu for the MainMenuBar.

Package org.proteinshader.gui.components.menubar Description

Holds the JMenus used in menu bar above the canvas.

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Beta 0.9.4 (December 30, 2008)
Joseph R. Weber

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