Class RadioPanelListenerFactory

  extended by org.proteinshader.gui.listeners.controlpanel.RadioPanelListenerFactory

public class RadioPanelListenerFactory
extends Object

Creates the listener for the RadioPanel.

Constructor Summary
RadioPanelListenerFactory(RadioPanel radioPanel)
          Constructs a RadioPanelListenerFactory.
Method Summary
 ActionListener createMenuActionListener()
          Creates an action listener for the combo box menus in the RadioPanel.
 ActionListener createRadioButtonsActionListener()
          Creates an action listener for the radio buttons.
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Constructor Detail


public RadioPanelListenerFactory(RadioPanel radioPanel)
Constructs a RadioPanelListenerFactory.

radioPanel - the RadioPanel that this class creates listeners for.
Method Detail


public ActionListener createRadioButtonsActionListener()
Creates an action listener for the radio buttons. When the action listener is called, it will call setActiveRadioButton() on the RadioPanel. When a client of the RadioPanel needs to make a modification, it can find out which radio button is currently active by calling getActiveRadioButton().

The action listener.


public ActionListener createMenuActionListener()
Creates an action listener for the combo box menus in the RadioPanel. If a user has made a selection from the menu, he/she will likely expect the corresponding radio button to be marked to indicate that the menu is now the current choice that will be used when the "Apply" or "Default" button is pressed. Therefore, the this action listener will update the RadioPanel with the current choice of menu to use.

The action listener.

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