Package org.proteinshader.gui.utils

Holds minor utility classes needed by the Renderer.


Class Summary
CenteredListCellRenderer Centers the horizontal alignment of text in a JList or JComboBox.
FileExtensionFilter Checks if a filename has an extension.
FpsLabel Knows how to print a frames per second label (such as 'fps = 120') on the canvas.
ImageFileChooser Extends JFileChooser by requiring that an ImageFormatEnum be given to the constructor.
PaddedListCellRenderer Adds a single blank space of padding in front of the text written in a cell of a JList or a JComboBox.
SeparatorListCellRenderer Uses a Matte Border to add a separator (a dividing line) to the top of a menu item.

Package org.proteinshader.gui.utils Description

Holds minor utility classes needed by the Renderer.

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Joseph R. Weber

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