Class BondModifier

  extended by org.proteinshader.structure.visitor.modifiers.DrawableModifier
      extended by org.proteinshader.structure.visitor.modifiers.BondModifier

public class BondModifier
extends DrawableModifier

This helper class for the ModifierVisitor knows how to accept a Bond object and modify its attributes.

Currently, the BondModifier uses only the methods of its superclass, DrawableModifier. BondModifier was created partly because it is likely that methods specific to a Bond will be added in the future, but also because adding a BondModifier to the ModifierVisitor will affect the depth of the Visitor's traversal (there is no point in the ModifierVisitor traversing all the way to Bonds unless it has a BondModifier to use when it gets there).

Constructor Summary
          Constructs a BondModifier.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public BondModifier()
Constructs a BondModifier.

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