Interface Visitable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AminoAcid, Atom, BetaStrand, Bond, Chain, Drawable, Helix, Heterogen, Loop, Model, Region, Residue, Segment, Structure, Water

public interface Visitable

This interface requires an accept( Visitor ) method, which should be used to call back to the Visitor so that the Visitor can perform one or more operations on the Visitable object.

Method Summary
 void accept(Visitor visitor)
          Accepts a Vistor so that a call back can be done.

Method Detail


void accept(Visitor visitor)
            throws VisitorException
Accepts a Vistor so that a call back can be done.

visitor - the Visitor to do a callback with.
VisitorException - if an error occurs while an object is being visited.

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