Package org.proteinshader.structure.visitor

Holds Visitor classes that know how to traverse the hierarchy of objects held by class Structure.


Interface Summary
Visitable This interface requires an accept( Visitor ) method, which should be used to call back to the Visitor so that the Visitor can perform one or more operations on the Visitable object.

Class Summary
AminoAcidLabelVisitor Traverses the AminoAcids of a Structure and builds a non-redundant list of residueIDs.
BondDestroyerVisitor Removes Bonds on all Atoms that it visits.
BondGeneratorVisitor Generates standard Bonds for AminoAcids and Waters.
BondPredictor Knows how to test if the distance between two Atoms is acceptable for a covalent Bond.
BoundsVisitor Knows how to find the min and max xyz-coordinate values for all Atoms in each Model.
FrenetFrameGeneratorVisitor Calculates a discrete Frenet frame for each AminoAcid visited.
LoopGeneratorVisitor Generates Loop objects from any AminoAcids of a Chain that do not already belong to a Helix or BetaStrand.
ModifierVisitor Knows how to modify multiple Drawable objects while traversing the hierarchy of objects contained in a Structure.
SFWriterVisitor A simple file writer subclass of Visitor that writes to a file all of the data from each Model in a Structure.
VisibilityVisitor Knows how to traverse the Structure object hierarchy and find all visible Drawable objects.
Visitor This self-propelled Visitor knows how to traverse the hierarchy of data objects contained by a Structure.

Package org.proteinshader.structure.visitor Description

Holds Visitor classes that know how to traverse the hierarchy of objects held by class Structure.

Some of the Visitor classes are for making modifications to the object hierarchy, while others are only for gathering information.

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